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Floret has closed as of July 1, 2010.Floret Restaurant and Lounge will be opening in February 2010 at 175 King of Prussia Rd. in Radnor, replacing current tenants Pond and Bistro Cassis. This restaurant is a partnership between Scott Morrison (Nectar, etc.), Chef Dan Kremin (Barclay Prime, Buddakan) and the current Pond ownership.

The menu will be based on regional European cuisine prepared with locally sourced American ingredients. Says Kremin, “I cook with the freshest, local ingredients that have been prepared in a simple, approachable and familiar way, so that our guests will want to visit and dine with us frequently without spending a lot.”

Floret’s 90-seat lounge will offer hors d’oeuvres and small plates along with a selection of original burgers and salads to pair with specialty drinks, craft beers and wines. The 150-seat restaurant will feature steak frites, fish pommes soufflé and numerous other market and seasonal additions such as a house cassoulet, Amish raised chicken coq au vin, braised lamb shanks, chicken liver crostini, lasagna al forno and vegetarian shepherd’s pie.

The name “Floret” is inspired in part by the 1986 movie, Jean De Florette, which was filmed in Provençe. This classic French film starred Gerard Depardieu and Yves Montand, (born Ivo Livi) in Mansummano Terme near Florence, Italy.

Floret will honor all Pond party contracts as well as gift certificates sold under the Pond/Cassis name.

Floret | 175 King of Prussia Road | Radnor, PA | 610-293-9411| floretrestaurant.com (coming soon)

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  1. Well, lets just say it doesn’t suprise me that they are CLOSED. It was nothing like the Pond, and was very uninviting for wedding coordinators. How is it you have an “in house” person which just so happens to be the guy that does the cooking! It just loss that Pond/ Cassis appeal and they were nothing like Chef D. and his wife. Oh well.

  2. I’ve ordered the steak frites each of the three evenings we’ve visited Floret…and the meat has been cold every time. And, I did not order it bleu. The kitchen just doesn’t seem able to cook an entire table’s order and have it ready and at the proper temperature, simultaneously. I suppose the cooks want to be sure the frites are hot, but that should mean your main course has to suffer. The staff is very pleasant but doesn’t seem to be well trained enough. Things are off…just a beat. But, the bartender, on the other hand, really knows his stuff.

  3. Very disappointing! We had a reservation for Mother’s day. Our party arrived on time and we were seated NOT in the beautiful dining room but the BASEMENT! When we asked to move we were told “this is one of our best rooms”. After 1 1/2 hrs we still hadn’t received our food and the table that came in AFTER us had been served. Never again!

  4. BRAVO! We had a small private party (33 guests) for my daughter. Gina the banquet mannager did a wonderful job selecting the menu. The food and wines were outstanding. The staff and chef was extreamly helpful and accomodating. We has last minute changes due to weather and additional guests and arrangments were made seamlessly. Our head waiter Joseph was so wonderful and professional. Our overall experience was 5 Stars.

  5. Friday night I attended an EA cocktail social at Floret and absolutely loved the cuisine from Chef Vencenzio!! He did an exquisite watermelon carving that was too beautiful to disturb and the hors d’oeuvres were superb. Additionally, the service was excellent and my husband and I look forward to our next dining experience at Floret. Thank you all for adding to our wonderful evening.

    1. I was informed that this place would serve tapas. Well, I recently had dinner and the menu is Italian. Nothing to do with French cuisine!!!

      1. Tapas are Spanish small plates. Does anybody have any knowledge of food on this site? You should not be allowed to dine out.

  6. Awesome location and setting is truely a hidden gem restraunt on the Main Line. Parking is great and the bridge pass over is like taking a journey into a european villa. The food was wonderful and the service was more impressiive than the previous reviews. It will surely be a evening or lunch “Go To” restraunt all summer with the beautiful pond and spectacular menu. Kid friendly and couple savvy we loved it!!

  7. I couldn’t agree less with the previous post.
    Arguably, there has never been a more stunning vista for a restaurant than this particular spot with its swans and that lake. It is extremely special and begs a wedding or special occasion for outdoor dining.
    If the food is good (finally ?), that place should be a winner like in the old days of Taquet, which was successful for years.
    I wish them the best of luck.

  8. First, the cuisine at Floret was phenomenal. I booked the private dining room over 2 weeks in advance for early March for about 12 to 15 guests. I had a few “special” yet simple requests, which were not honored, although I was assured before booking that none of my requests would be a problem.

    I informed the manager that it was for a special occasion, a company event. He helped me select a few items and put together a limited menu. We went over the selections and the only price discussion was as to per person. When the guests arrived on the day of, the special menus were ready, but they listed the line item prices for all of our guests to consider. I didn’t think that was appropriate and they should know better.

    We were also promised space in the “bar room” for all quests to assemble until the entire party had arrived. That was a specific directive from my boss and they didn’t make it happen. I also requested background music and I had to remind them to turn it on for us. I requested no center pieces on the table, but there was a large tall vase of flowers obstructing the view for some of my guest.

    Our waitress Patty was very attentive, but I don’ think that she had been informed of any of my requests. If the food is all that matters, please go, otherwise, wait until they get their act together and things are running more smoothly. I’d have to be desperate to book the private room again at Floret for any of my special events.

    I was a quite surprised because I read that these guys are not new the restaurant business.

    RATINGS Cuisine: A, Service: B-, Other Accommodations: D = Overall rating: C+ (or 2.5 stars out of 5).

  9. I like the sound of the menu very much but that location hasn’t had a good history. It’s just too off the beaten track and hard to find. Plus, you can’t walk to it and folks love that. I’m curious why the owners didn’t pursue other available space on Lancaster Ave (for example: in Wayne, that old gas station that’s been rehabbed, next to where White Dog is going in).

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