How about some Smoke-Free Wayne???

Stephen Starr recently announced that the bar at Alma de Cuba in Philadelphia is going smoke free. If this works ok, he plans to ban smoking in all of his establishments. Kudos to Starr and co. — it’s about time a bar owner stepped up and took the smoke-free movement on their own shoulders instead of waiting for the bureaucracy to do it. (I should also point out that the bar at Mantra, a new place at 18th & Sansom, is also smoke-free.)

What does this have to do with the Main Line? Well, reading this story I couldn’t help but think that it is time for some ML establishments to adopt the same policy. (It should be noted that Glenmorgan does already have this, but personally I don’t spend a ton of time at hotel bars.) Here’s an idea — what about the new bar that is opening next to Teresa’s Cafe in Wayne? We already know that one of the reasons for this bar is to court people waiting for dinner next door, so why not allow them to wait in a clean air environment? I’m always hesitant to go to GAP while waiting for a Teresa’s table, mainly because I don’t feel like smelling terrible for the rest of the night. A smoke-free establishment would certainly offer a nice alternative, and it seems to me that Wayne is just the town to get this movement rolling.

I know Mike from Teresa’s occasionally reads this site, so if you agree, comment here and let the world know!

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  1. When I hear that a place still allows smoking, I automatically avoid it (sadly, I got stuck at the Big Easy tonight because that’s where my friends wanted to eat — and I now stink of smoke). Any place with a no smoking policy is guaranteed to get my $$$$ at least once! I don’t understand how anyone can eat or drink in a toxic environment…

  2. Well worth the wait, I have been waiting for the Freehouse to open for a year, and I am so glad they have opened. It is done beautifully with a diversified menu to satisfy anyone. Great beer and wines by the glass or bottle. We ordered appetizers at the bar,they were all very good. Great to see a new place where the staff and managers really care. Fresh flowers at the door. No Smoking- What more could we want

  3. Smoke free restaurants… I can’t believe there are any that aren’t. It is absolutely prehistoric to be sitting next to smoke in this day and age. Not to mention, how can any food and wine in any restaurant be taken seriously with the over bearing smell of smoke. I live in Chadds Ford and won’t go to about 6 restaurants because of bar area that caters to maybe 6 people all night, but ruin the meal for me completely.

  4. To Brian’s off the subject question:

    Big problems for the Free House (old Vivo Enoteca)

    1.Haven’t paid rent in about a year.
    2.Haven’t paid for the bar that was built.
    3.Having part of the ownership coming from Johnny Cabos and J.B. Garrett’s will make getting a line of credit for any service near impossible. (This is what happens when you leave everyone high and dry at a previous establishment)
    4.Way too many partners in the ownership group. (I’ve heard there are over ten)
    5.No work has been done over the last 3-4 months with the exception of taping what the name of it will be on the outside windows.

    Smells like serious cash flow problems.
    I wouldnt get my hopes up.

  5. Let the market (and the workforce) dictate. If customers want to go to smoke-free bars and employees want to work in them, then let’s hear their voices. I’m vehemently a non-smoker, but believe there’s room for all of us, if the demand is there. Trust me, if business owners, who are trying to make a living, hear what their customers and employees are saying, they’ll change. Government needs to back down on this one. (Unless they want to outlaw tobacco all-together)

  6. This is off the subject but does anyone know when the new place next to Christopher’s (old vivo enoteca) is going to open. Walked by this morning and it looks pretty close to being finished.

  7. “not you?”

    Aren’t we the customers Dave? If the owner will decide based on the customers, then this forum is a positive thing. Personally, I’d patronize a smoke free bar in wayne.

  8. If you don’t like smelling like smoke then don’t patronize smoking establishments. The owner of the bar/rstaurant should be able to decide what works best for his/her establishment, not you or any government.

  9. It would be nice to see a bar in Wayne step up to the plate and go smoke-free. This is a great opportunity for the owners of Teresa’s to offer an attractive alternative to the smoke-filled confines of the Pub, Christopher’s and the Beef and Ale. If they don’t do it first and make a statement, someone eventually will.

  10. Having lived in the Bay Area and NYC before moving to the Main Line, I can’t believe so many bars and restaurants still allow smoking. I’m a hard-core beer geek and want to be able to enjoy a nice drink and/or meal without smoke as I can elsewhere in the country (or anywhere in Ireland) — bring on more smoke-free bars!

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