Celebrate Smoke Free PA This Weekend!

Well, it’s been a long time coming, and perhaps the most hotly debated topic on this website for the past couple years, but as of today, September 11, 2008, most bars and restaurants in Pennsylvania are completely smoke free. So get out to your favorite formerly smoky watering hole and enjoy yourself this weekend! Woo Hoo!!!!

BAR INFO? Let’s do a little research here. If you can confirm/deny that the following places (or any others you’d like to add) are (or are not) smoke-free, please comment below: Flying Pig, Berwyn Tavern, Cooz’s Corner, Brothers, Flip & Bailey’s, Yeats Pub, Rusty Nail, Square Bar, Jake’s Bar, Jitters, etc. etc.

update: According to a comment over at The Brew Lounge, the Flying Pig was smoke free tonight.

Get Ready for Teresa’s Next Door

After a long wait, the bar next door to Teresa’s Cafe (aptly titled Teresa’s Next Door) should open in early June. And, despite not being billed as a “beer bar” or a Belgian bar (and after several disputes on this very website), TND will offer 24 beers on tap (half of which are Belgian) and 160 bottles.

(Teresa’s Cafe will remain BYOB, in case you were wondering.)

According to readers of MLD, TND will also be non-smoking.

(Great beer, no smoking, a place to wait for a table at Teresa’s? This place sounds better and better each time I hear about it!)

Gypsy Saloon, Iron Hill Breweries Go Smoke Free

We’re happy to report that two bar/restaurants in the area have decided to prohibit smoking in all areas of the restaurant.

Iron Hill in West Chester (and every other Iron Hill) went smoke-free as of 11/30/06; with both it and Kooma (plus upstairs at Ryan’s before 10), it is now quite easy to have a great dining and bar drinks experience in West Chester without smelling like an ashtray.

Gypsy Saloon in Conshy is the first bar in that area to ban smoking — and it is about time. In our original review of the restaurant, we stated:

The biggest problem with The Gypsy Saloon is that the bar area allows smoking — yet offers inadequate seperation from the dining area. Several times during the meal, we had the displeasure of inhaling wisps of second-hand smoke along with our dinners. While smokers might relish the opportunity to smoke and enjoy a well-prepared meal, as a non-smoker I find it hard to justify visiting a (mildly) smoky venue when there are so many quality smoke-free restaurants in the area. They should consider only allowing smoking in the bar area after 10.

Gypsy prepares excellent cuisine — now it can be enjoyed with clean air as well!