Breathe “Easy” in Paoli

You asked for it — you got it! The Big Easy Saloon in Paoli is now smoke-free, thanks in part (we think, at least) to the readers of this website. Nice work, everybody. ;o)

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  1. I look at this topic as employees deserving the right to work under healthy conditions. And not all workers have large amounts of choices where they can work. What about the person allergic to smoke that needs to work at a place close to an ailing family member? Don’t they deserve a safe and healthy environment?

  2. Apples and oranges Papadick… I’m a non-smoker and I’m all for restaurants/bars being non-smoking… but no one forces one to go into a smoking establishment. Your personal rights end where someone else’s begin. To use your example… your right to use a hand held device while driving a car ends where my right to have safe roads begins. We all share the same roads and don’t have a choice in the matter. We do, however, have a choice where we go for a drink or to eat. I’d be all for a public smoking ban… but your logic is flawed…

  3. You do raise some interesting points. But I would ask for a definition of word “Bar”. I can agree if it is a neighborhood bar in Fishtown – that is purely a bar in the neighborhood – but when does a bar become a restaurant?? or a bistro??. The government does have right to protect the public – is ok to to yell FIRE in a movie theatre?? Is the seat belt law a violation of your rights?? Tough question and I suppose you feel that it is good that drivers in PA can drive and use a hand held device to text or email or even surf the web.

  4. The fact that the PA Senate recently was unable to pass a state wide smoking ban has reignited a lot of talk on smoking in bars and restaurants. I’m glad it didn’t pass for many reasons. I enjoy smoking while I am having a couple of drinks at a bar, and I realize that other people don’t enjoy the smell of smoke and health hazards of second hand smoke. In reading comments from several different places in this site, I see that a lot of people don’t like smoke, and would like to see a smoking ban passed. There is no law stating that you must be able to smoke at all bars and restaurants in PA. That being said it is up to each restaurant owner to craft his or her own smoking policy. As a restaurant person, I can empathize with the decision that T & J have to make, but it is their decision, not yours, and certainly not the state’s. I’ve heard may restaurant owners decry the lack of a “level plaing field” due to the fact there is no state wide ban. There shouldn’t be a level playing field. Owners should have the freedom to differentiate their restaurants in any legal way they see fit. Smoking policies should continue to be one of them. If smoke bothers you that much, make a statement with your wallet and don’t patronize those places that allow smoking. It’s that simple. There is no right for you to say that since you like going to xyz bar that they musn’t allow smoking. There are many bars in the area that I don’t patronize for various reasons, food, beer selection, atmosphere, music, etc. These places are still in business because while I might not like it, other people do, and they go there and spend money. Do I have the right to demand that all bars have low lighting, good beer selection, and grilled tuna on the menu? Of course not, that would be ridiculous. Just the same it’s my right to voice my opinion to the owner that I think they should have these things to win my business, and it’s the owners right to take that into consideration, and meet my requests or not. If more owners would take a stand one way or another we wouldn’t be having this big production in Harrisburg. I’ve been in bars where 80% of the patrons smoke, and bars where 1% of patrons smoke, so the decision will be easier for some than others. The marketplace needs to sort this out not the government. Let’s face it there are bars in the area that the bulk of the people on this site wouldn’t dream of going to, why do you care whether or not you can smoke there.

  5. TJ’s smoke-free pilot program started off as a big success. But, has proven to be inconsistent. Some regulars don’t mind going outside to smoke and some just don’t come on Saturday nights.

    However, this past weekend we watched a group of six and a group of three turnaround and walk out because they could not smoke.

    As with all choices in business it boils down to economics and the bills must be paid. Without strong support from the smoke-free community, chances are unlikely it will continue.

  6. I don’t know how the rest of you feel about this, but visiting a place that allows smoking six and a half days out of every week is pretty much like visiting a restaurant that allows smoking every day of the week. I’d really _like_ to support The Big Easy in having a non-smoking restaurant, but I also don’t want to eat food that tastes like the bottom of an ashtray.

  7. Yep, though TJs is just Saturday Nights. Good to see that it stuck around though — no word from T or J how it did when they piloted it.

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