Gypsy Saloon, Iron Hill Breweries Go Smoke Free

We’re happy to report that two bar/restaurants in the area have decided to prohibit smoking in all areas of the restaurant.

Iron Hill in West Chester (and every other Iron Hill) went smoke-free as of 11/30/06; with both it and Kooma (plus upstairs at Ryan’s before 10), it is now quite easy to have a great dining and bar drinks experience in West Chester without smelling like an ashtray.

Gypsy Saloon in Conshy is the first bar in that area to ban smoking — and it is about time. In our original review of the restaurant, we stated:

The biggest problem with The Gypsy Saloon is that the bar area allows smoking — yet offers inadequate seperation from the dining area. Several times during the meal, we had the displeasure of inhaling wisps of second-hand smoke along with our dinners. While smokers might relish the opportunity to smoke and enjoy a well-prepared meal, as a non-smoker I find it hard to justify visiting a (mildly) smoky venue when there are so many quality smoke-free restaurants in the area. They should consider only allowing smoking in the bar area after 10.

Gypsy prepares excellent cuisine — now it can be enjoyed with clean air as well!

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