PLCB Pick: Box Wine!

Box wine has quite a terrible reputation, and rightfully so. Franzia is consistently at the top of the “best selling wine in the US” list yet tastes like absolute garbage.

A new trend, however, is emerging in box wine, as several brands of quaffable wine are now available in boxes. In addition, these wines are greener (less waste) and last longer (3-4 weeks) once open — perfect for a glass or two during the week.

Have we peaked your interest? Well, now is the time to try them as “Black Box” is on sale at PLCB for $19.99 (for 3 liters) through May 2nd. Try the Shiraz.

Also, a recent visit showed “Killer Juice” also on sale for $18.99 — try the Cabernet or Pinot Grigio.

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