Beer Buy: Old Forge T-Rail Pale Ale


Though my favorite pale ale remains Victory Headwaters, Old Forge’s T-Rail – brewed somewhat nearby, in Danville, PA –  is another worthy of consideration. It’s got all the markings of a classic pale: light caramel malts bring a touch of sweetness, while forward (but balanced) hops create a crisp, refreshing finish, perfect on a warm day.

It’s also worth noting the value on display here; a sixer of 16oz cans – that’s right ladies and gentleman, pounders – is only $10.49 at Wegmans. Cans, which were once considered to be the sign of cheap swill, are making a comeback. New lining has been developed to prevent the can itself from imparting flavor, and the better seal and complete protection from light (beer freshness’ foremost enemy) actually make cans the superior vessel to bottles (ProTip: pour either into a glass). As such, more and more craft brewers are distributing in cans (though pounders are less common).

One thought on “Beer Buy: Old Forge T-Rail Pale Ale”

  1. You have this right!
    T Rail Pale is even better on tap.
    This place brews up the best the micro brew in central PA.
    That means a lot because there is competition in Bloom, Selingsgrove and Berwick. This is the most consistent product.

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