Yo Philly, Cheese Steak Chips are Here

I tried Herr’s “Philly Cheese Steak” Potato Chips for the first time today. They are one of four new flavors from local the local company along with “Buffalo Wing”, “Honey Mustard” and “Sweet Island”, and fit nicely alongside Herr’s “Ketchup” flavor chips in the strange flavor canon.

The chips themselves taste mostly like, well, potato chips, but do have a light seasoning that tastes somewhat like cheese steaks. I do, however, think they only taste like steaks because they told me it was cheese steak flavor before I bit. If I didn’t know that, I’d probably just say they taste “seasoned”.

And if you are wondering, the “Buffalo Wing” chips taste pretty much like barbeque, and the “Ketchup” ones are barbeque with an extra dash of, you guessed it, ketchup.

Try ’em at your local store or order some here. (You won’t be fighting me for the last bag.)

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