Outdoor Dining on the Main Line and Western Philadephia Suburbs

One of my biggest gripes about the Philadelphia area in general is that there are not nearly enough places with outdoor seating (a few flimsy tables on the busy sidewalk hardly counts), and this applies even more so to the Main Line. This is especially irksome when visiting cities like Boston, Montreal, Toronto and Pittsburgh, all of which have generally colder weather than this area, yet far more choices for outdoor dining. However, this trend seems to be improving of late, so I’ve attempted to put together a list of the various options available. If you have any suggestions that we missed, add them via the comments section below.

PHILLY BURBS(Scroll down for West Chester)

Top Choices:

333 Belrose, Wayne
Another place with creative, excellent cusine. Small patio area is first come, first serve. Full Review

Alison at Blue Bell, Blue Bell
Taste Alison Barshak’s awesome cuisine on the terrace. Full Review

Meridith’s, Berwyn
Casual BYOB in Berwyn with 5 or 6 outdoor tables. Good food, solid value. Full Review

Additional Options:

Plate, Ardmore
The food here is relatively inconsistent and mediocre, but if you keep it simple you can enjoy their extremely nice outdoor area. Full Review

Places! The Bistro at People’s Light and Theatre Co., Malvern
I’ve never eaten here, but I have heard very good things, especially about their terrace dining. Website

Tango, Bryn Mawr
Steak house with a cool deck area. This place is a little overpriced, but their outdoor area is great. Website

Even More Options:

One truly bright spot in the outdoor dining trend is the Borough of West Chester, which has a number of great places with outdoor seating. At the lunch hour, many cafes feature sidewalk tables, and a surprising amout of places have gardens or patios in the back.

Top Choices:

Avalon, West Chester
This BYOB also has a great garden area, sometimes with live music. Full Review

The Mediterranean, West Chester
Only a few tables outside on the sidewalk, but the inexpensive Greek food make it worthwhile. Full Review

Three Little Pigs, West Chester
Just a sandwich spot/bakery, but homeade goodies make this place worth a mid-day trip. 131 North High Street, (610) 918.1272

Additional Options:

Iron Hill Brewery, West Chester
A larger sidewalk area right across from Kildare’s, but with flimsier tables. Almost impossible to get an outdoor table at peak times. Full Review

Kildares, West Chester
Several sturdy wood tables out front on the sidewalk, plus some terrace seating out back. Full Review

Albertos, West Chester
A small, semi-outdoor patio in the back. Website

Dilworthtown Inn, West Chester
I’ve yet to eat at this W.C. mainstay, but they do have an outdoor terrace. Website

Goose Creek Grill, West Chester
Located out on 926, Goose Creek offers casual fare and a splendid patio. 840 E Street Rd, (610) 399-9800

9 thoughts on “Outdoor Dining on the Main Line and Western Philadephia Suburbs”

  1. Several of the spots along Wayne’s restaurant row have a sidewalk presence. Limited space for Christopher’s and The Freehouse, which has taller tables and umbrellas. (One of Chris’ waiters told me they need to get approved for an outdoor liquor license.) And a big patio-like area for Great American Pub that is always packed. Now if we could only get Teresa’s a roofdeck!

  2. Hamburgers at Plate are consistently great. They are really gourmet. Love the bar area too. Not quite outside but covered with full length windows that are always open when weather permits so it feels like it.

  3. We just stumbled across a great new BYO in Conshohocken called Trattoria Totaro. The Trattoria was a catering business for many years until they opened a really cozy dining room. The food was to die for! We sat outside and had the best osso bucco we ever tasted. Everyone was so nice and they hold special theme nights like wild game and wine tastings. Its off the main road but we will find it again and again.

  4. You People forget about the spot (in my mind) that put West Chester on the Map…The High Street Caffe is the place to eat.. The cajun, creole dishes are great and the specials are even better..The place looks ok from the outside but when you go inside it is wild…You people Have to try this place out…A++++++ all the way

  5. A little further out route 162 west from West Chester is the Four Dogs Tavern with very comfortable outdoor seating, where (you guessed it) you’re allowed to bring your dogs.

    Not quite the Main Line anymore, but well worth the drive….for the beer too! The food’s not overwhelmingly interesting, but decent none-the-less.

  6. Just went to Blush last week, and although it’s nothing to drool over, the second floor “Veranda” provides some of the best outdoor seating to be had on the main line.

    (I have a review up on Minor Gourmandry)

  7. I agree, however most townships in the area have forbidden outdoor dining in an establishment with liqour licenses.

  8. Forgot to mention Coyote Crossing – excellent outdoor space

    (ed note: in both Conshy and WC — but usually really long waits!) 

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