Kooma to Expand

I tend to write these particular updates with a bit of trepidation, because change can be a scary thing, especially when it comes to one of your favorite restaurants. When I heard the news that Teresa’s was moving next door and adding a bar, for example, I panicked. How could they do this to my favorite little BYOB? When I heard that Mayuree Cafe was moving out (er, being forced out) of Wayne, I was worried for their future. When I heard Kooma was adding a liquor license (seems so long ago now), I was concerned for my own wallet.

Sometimes these work out for the better, other times they are disasters and the restaurant won’t make it much longer. With Kooma’s latest move — expanding into the next space and adding a “lounge”, the jury remains out. Will they take total hold on the WC dining and drinking scene, or will the overextend themselves and fizzle out?

So long as they keep brining in that phenomenal raw seafood, it should remain the former.

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