Welcome to Beer Heaven

Just a few years ago, having Lager and Guinness on draft in this area was considered to be a solid beer selection. Now, however, the Main Line boasts three of the best beer bars we’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting.

The great beer bars are, in no particular order: Teresa’s Next Door (TND) in Wayne, The Flying Pig in Malvern and TJ’s Everyday in Paoli. We started this post with the intention of crowning one the “best area beer bar”, but as we write we wonder what purpose this would serve. If you love the Belgians and other imports, TND is the place for you… but “The Pig” probably represents the American craft brewers a bit better. TJ’s, on the other hand, uses craft and specialty beers to cook virtually everything on the menu. Does this make one better than the other? Who cares! Any visit to one of these bars will result in the enjoyment of great, varied beer, and, perhaps more importantly, something new on each visit.

Get out and enjoy!

P.S. The Drafting Room in Exton deserves mention here as well; though perhaps not “on the Main Line”, it is a short drive away and boasts a phenomenal variety of brews.

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