Mims Food & Drink

Long rumored to already have former Carmine’s chef John Mims in the kitchen, The Freehouse is officially closed and will open as “Mims Food & Drink” shortly — this weekend perhaps?

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  1. Mims, as a chef, is a one trick pony. However, as far as his recent “bad” luck is concerned in the restaurant world well, all I can say about that is, what goes around comes around. John Mims is getting exactly what he deserves.

  2. uh…did you read it? His ex-business partner is invoking a distance non-compete clause they had in their agreement, therefore he can’t cook at his new restaurant because it’s too close.

    As far as his cooking style, he cooks what he knows. As to whether it’s good or not, that is our opinion.

  3. hmm….legal battle? Have you read philly.com. Mims got the boot out of another restaurant. Can’t be so great when he gets booted every where he goes! Another example of him trying to duplicate the menu at Carmine’s. News flash, he’s not as good as he thinks he is!

  4. Went there tonight for a late supper after seeing Gran Torino. Mims was good, the movie better.

    Spoke with John Mims twice and offered my welcome to Wayne. Good value, good prices, good portions. My shrimp app was excellent and my bride’s fried chicken was good. The scallops were not as good as the offerings in Havertown and Narberth. Overcooked and lacking in that wonderful balsamic dressing he has been famous for.

    He said he has new cooks coming in.

    Drink prices are also fair.

  5. Some new paint, some new decorations and it appears it is the same menu. The new decor seems to be an improvement but still is not bringing in a crowd.

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