Beef in Berwyn, Cooz’s to be Beef

Ian writes: “the famed Wayne Beef & Ale chalkboard says it’s the soon-to-be home of the ‘new’ Cooz’s Corner….”

The Beef’s ownership recently moved west to take over the Berwyn Tavern.

No word about the fate of Cooz’s actual corner.

12 thoughts on “Beef in Berwyn, Cooz’s to be Beef”

  1. I’m new to the area and tried cooz corner out last weekend and was shocked by the rudeness of the bartenders. I am a 220lb rugby playing college grad, native to PA and they checked my ID for 5 minutes grilling me with questions but my roommates are out of staters, and look over 21 ’cause they are, and they had to go through a 10 minute ordeal. As it was there were only a hand-full of people there and every bar I’ve ever known usually welcomes new customers. Not five minutes after we got there they threw a guy out who was buzzed but not acting irrationally or disrespectfully. We were so uncomfortable that we left without even having a chance to buy a drink. As we were asking the guys who were just thrown out where a good place to go was, the bartenders stormed out of the bar yelling at them for banging on the glass (which they did not) and practically chased the two down the street in the most harassing and accusatory manner I have ever witnessed. I realize that this was only one experience but any place that acts that way certainly is not awesome.

  2. Does anyone else think MRM is one of the oweners of Cooz’s? The review is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read, please get a grib, it’s bar food.

  3. The food at the new Cooz’s Corner is very marginal. The place is too small for a live band, a lot of places in Wayne have been using this idea and none of them are big enough for it. (See the Freehouse for details.) Now back to the food at Cooz’s what exact item on the menu is so amazing because I have not found it yet. This is a small bar with a fresh coat of paint.

  4. Live Bands and DJs at Cooz’s? That sounds like a terrible idea. It was terrible when the WB&A did it. The place is way too small for live music.

    I’m still not sold on these reviews — there is no way the food is that great at this place — this isn’t fine dining. Can somebody give us a more realistic evaluation?

  5. The new Cooz’s Corner is awesome. From the wait staff down to the shuffle board. Everyone I’ve met there was an absolute pleasure to be around. FYI, new price adjustments are being made daily. Within a week, I’ve seen a dollar to two dollar drops on almost everything! It’s magical. The food is wonderful and the chef is always coming up with new dishes to blow my mind. The night life is a blast!! Coming soon….. Live Bands, DJ’s, and FOOTBALL!! They have the NFL Sunday Ticket! Any game you want for free! Some one pinch me. Thank You Cooz’s Corner, it’s alot more fun when you’re in town.

  6. The new Cooz’s Corner is a great place to go. I’ve been there for lunch, dinner, and for some late night fun. The entire staff was terrific. The chicken ceasar wrap is to die for. Best I’ve ever had. If the chef came from Primavera’s, it definately shows. I’ve brought my 2 children there for dinner, and they had a great time playing with the juke box and the video game machine. The crowd was not rowdy, even later at night, but everyone was having a great time. I’m soon to be a regular there! Thank you for creating such a great place in our town.

  7. I do not understand the last review. We tried the “NEW” Cooz’s and found it to be CLEAN, friendly and comfortable for our family.The service was excellent with table cloths and cloth napkins. The crowd was varied from young kids with families thru older folks, like us, and everyone was well behaved. As for the food, my mouth and belly are still having a party. The food was fantastic, but what else would you expect with the Chef, George, in the kitchen who just spent the last 19 years at Primavara in Strafford. We asked about the pool table and were told that no pool is scheduled for the resturant.

  8. The new Cooz’s is essentially the Wayne Beef and Ale with a new coat of paint. Definitely think twice before ordering food…not very good. At least the shuffle board table hasn’t changed.

  9. The new Cooz’s Corner will be opening next Friday the 15th. The most current rumors have a new pool table in the front section and that the shuffle board table is still in the back.

  10. This news to very sad, the beef was a great place to have a couple of beers and enjoy some shuffle board. I am worried that with Cooz comes the crowd that hangs out with Cooz which could be a problem.

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