Wild Onion, We Hardly Knew Ye

Actually, that’s not true at all. We knew you all to well — that’s why we stopped going. But alas, you are gone.

Flip & Bailey’s Bar & Grill is coming soon to the former Horace P. Jerky’s space in Garrett Hill, and to be honest, we aren’t yet sure whether this is an attempt to bring the space back to legitimacy, or simply an excuse to charge ‘Nova students a little more for Miller Lite. 24 draft beers and a non-smoking dining area sounds like a step in the right direction, but we’re not sure what to make of the “Membership Lounge”.


One thought on “Wild Onion, We Hardly Knew Ye”

  1. The food at Flip and Bailey’s was TERRIBLE. The atmosphere was interesting and the renovations look great but the food was awful. Plastic left on the cheese on a cheeseburger, gross dressing on a salad…all and all a bad dinner.

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