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A few new restaurants had a presence at the annual WC restaurant festival:

Coming soon from the people who brought us Kildare’s: Doc Magrogan’s Oyster House (site) at 117 E. Gay St. in West Chester. Based on both the Kildare’s connection and what I have read about this place, it sounds to me like a kitchy, Awful Arthur’s-style place where the bar scene is just as if not more important than the food. They’ll apparently have live music as well — local band Blue Sinatra is already slated to play 11/10 and 12/22.

Glassboro casual sports bar & grill Landmark Americana (site) is opening a second location at the corner of Gay & Darlington Sts. The concept is pretty straightforward.

While admitting that I don’t have all the details, I have to say that from a food standpoint, the Oyster House & Landmark don’t seem like that much of a boon for WC. There are already plenty of good bars or bar/grill type places in town — one or two more good restaurants (BYO!), however, could take the area to the next culinary level. It’s a shame that neither of these looks to be much more than another casual watering hole.

One other quick WC note — Canadian chain The Pita Pit has opened at 139 W. Gay St. Falafel anyone?

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  1. Just so you know, Center City and Manayunk locations of Doc’s are already in the works. It’s a chain, people…

  2. I ate there the other night and it is a nice restaurant and as one viewer stated it is not a chain yet is a fair comment since the owner turned Kildares into a franchise and will probably do the same with this restaurant. I hope he doesn’t because chains do get a bad rap sometimes. They lose their uniquness.

  3. Wow. I just read that initial review and that writer really ought to be ashamed. To publicly trash a place before it’s even opened is inexcusable for anyone who wants to garner the respect of their readers. I certainly won’t pay attention to anyone relying solely on rumor and innuendo and will now question the motivation of anything written on this site. Whether I liked the restaurant or not (and I do), this sort of reviewing is unacceptable.

    Oh …. and I’m 99% sure it’s not a chain.

  4. I ate at Doc’s the other night and I thought the food and atmosphere where great. I think the Oyster House offers something different from all the other traditional bar establishments in the West Chester area. They have a huge menu at a great price. I agree with the other posters, how do you review a place without ever going to eat there? You should check it out, you might be suprised.

  5. I can’t believe so many people are defending a chain restaurant. It’s a chain for crying out loud! How good can it be?

    (Ok, so it isn’t a chain yet, but it will be soon.)

  6. I am appalled with the posted review regarding Doc Magrogan Oyster House, especially since the writer openly admits not knowing all the details. I am really confused, how can a writer objectively write a review about a new restaurant without knowing all the details and in this case not knowing any details? Doc Magrogan’s Oyster House is a splendid addition to West Chester. I was impressed the moment I walked in the front doors. The décor is unique and the atmosphere is very welcoming. The service was great and the food was even better! The menu is a large variety of tasty selections at very affordable prices. I had the broiled stuffed shrimp entrée and a variety of appetizers and can attest from a “food standpoint” that Doc Magrogan’s Oyster House hit the nail on the head.

  7. My husband and I also attended the opening weekend of Doc Magrogran’s restaurant. The food was incredible, as were the variety of speciality drinks. We tried a variety of menu items and all of them were spectacular. The atmosphere at Doc Magrogran’s was great and very welcoming to people of all ages. Personally, I think you should try this restaurant before making an assumption about it that is completely false. I haven’t been to a seafood restaurant this good in a long time!!

  8. My husband and I visited the “local watering hole” as you call it, and completely disagree with your assumption about Doc Magrogan’s resturant. The resturant was welcoming to my kids, the variety of food and drink was delicious. The best thing about the resturant are the prices! You can have a great meal with a significant other for under $60 and buy the whole bar a shot for $50. It is obvious much thought went into the details of this resturant and it is even more apparent when you actually EAT THERE!!!!
    BTW, we had the blue cheese crusted filet, fundue bowl, buffalo shrimp, and an oyster shooter! It was great!

  9. I would like to invite you to go to Doc Magrogan’s Oyster House for dinner (i will pay) You are greatly mistaken any “rumors” that you might have heard about this restaurant. i don’t know how you could have formulated an opinion because it just opened on Saturday night. it is a fabulous restaurant with an excellent menu and great tasting food. you should really not voice an opinion without first trying it out. this is the best seafood restaurant i have been to and the atmosphere is awesome. i believe you will be greatly impressed!

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