Legal Sea Foods Opens in KoP

The first area location of Legal Sea Foods is now open (as of 3/14) in the King of Prussia Court. Although to most it is just another chain, to us it’s a blast from the past.

Legal Sea Foods

3 thoughts on “Legal Sea Foods Opens in KoP”

  1. P.S. If you’re looking for more commentary on Legal Sea Foods, check out FOOBOOZ and Mixed bag of opinions, but I’m certainly intrigued.

  2. LEV: Glad you mentioned this “SANDY” problem–it’s the only problem I’ve had at Legal. I’ve noticed it in the fried clams which are otherwise wonderful, in the raw east coast oysters and once in the NE clam clowder. The have to lern to purge their shellfish in cold water with cornmeal.

  3. Pretty good service, good menu, nice bar.

    The clams were really sandy and we had to turn them back. The waiter was nice and took care of us.

    Main courses were good and cooked to our specifications.

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