Dilworthtown Adds The Blue Pear Bistro

Located next door to the famed Dilworthtown Inn, the Blue Pear is a modern American bistro that features “playfully delicious comfort foods. Comprised of small and medium plates, the menu mirrors the changing seasons with fresh, locally grown and raised ingredients.”

No reservations. 1390 Old Wilmington Pike, West Chester, PA 610-399-9812


7 thoughts on “Dilworthtown Adds The Blue Pear Bistro”

  1. These folks that are writing reviews about the Blue Pear and complaining about a limited menu are completely clueless! The point of a bistro is a limited menu, and lower prices than a full scale restaurant. The food here is amazing ! They make french fries an orgasmic experience. I have had nearly everthing on the menu, and it is awesome. And yes, it is not quite as “fancy” as the Dilworthtown,the service is on par.What teh younger waitstaff lacks in experience they make up for in enthusiasm.

  2. Sorry to say our recent experience wasn’t quite as enjoyable! My husband and I have eaten at the Blue Pear many times in the past 5 months since it is so convenient. The food is generally good, but the menu is limited and doesn’t seem to change. The soup of the day was the same Cauliflower soup for our last 3 visits!

    On our last visit we ran in after a long day of work for a late dinner reservation. After having to return a bottle of wine that was bad, we settled in for another bottle and our meal. I was disappointed to have to return my burger to the chef because it was raw inside, rather than medium as ordered.

    Going with the flow, we enjoyed our wine and about 10 pm the owner approached our table. Thinking he was going to mention our dining experience, I was surprised when he merely said “Hi. Is there anything else you need?” That was all—no comment as to “How was your meal?” or “Please come again.” We thought it was quite abrupt coming from the owner, then he proceeded to turn to the other 3 tables left in the room and ask the same question. As he walked out of the room, the table next to us began discussing the owner’s comments and how they felt like he was trying to rush everyone out. Wthin 3 minutes, all 4 tables had vacated. So much for a good rapport with the cutomers!

  3. My husband and 2 other couples had a superb meal at the blue pear this past Saturday night! As a matter of fact, Jim Barnes, the owner went above and beyond at the end of our meal. We arrived for reservations at 7:30 and were not seated until 8:15, but we didn’t mind as we were enjoying cocktails in the chic parisien lounge upstairs. We had a wonderful meal and as we were leaving, Mr. Barnes pulled me aside and apologized for the delay in seating. I said We didn’t care, we had a great night. He then proceeded to take me and my friends to the inn keepers kitchen across the street and give us wonderful desserts and a bottle each of the Dilworthtown Inn Reserve Wine. It was totally unneccessary but certainly a nice surprise!!! I would definately go back again soon and reccommend it as a great evening out it a very quaint setting!

  4. Went to the Blue Pear and was disappointed in the menu. The food selection was very limiting. The food I had was very good. The pumpkin soup was delicous and the mushroom crepes were also very tastie.
    The Blue pear martini was also very good. The resturant has lots of potential. They need to fix the menu. I wouldn’t return there for dinner. Maybe to stop and have a drink and a small bite to eat.

  5. My family and I ate there three times already. It’s our new favorite place. The menu is delicious..we all try to get a bit of everything to share!!

  6. We ate there last week and loved it! Chicken Nuggets are to die for and the Mussels are amazing. The bar is just right. Great drinks, try the BLue Pear Martini very good! The staff is great. Bartenders are great and nice on the eyes. Overall we look forward to becoming regulars.

  7. Hubby and I had a drink here at the bar last night following a good meal over at the Dilworthtown. Bar was small and you pretty much had to wait your turn to get a seat at the bar. They had about 4 beers on tap including Troegs and Dogfish. A selection of approximately 8-10 bottled beers. 2 flat screen tvs hung in the corners. The place seems popular already for diners. We will have to come back to try the food sometime soon. Anyone eat here, yet?

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