Closings Roundup

June 10th, 2009

Wrote this a while ago, but forgot to post it. Oh well, better late than never. If you haven’t heard, there are a few notable closings on the Western Main Line… not really all that surprising in the current economic climate.

Cosimo Restaurant & Wine Bar is no longer. We never made it to Cosimo… bad reviews early on kept us away and though things seemed to brighten as time went on, we never found the occasion. I suppose that is the problem, no?

Tradewinds “Coffee in Motion” is also closed. The drive-thru coffee shop with perky, quirky service was certainly a novel concept and very convenient if your travels took you through west Paoli. Commenters on this site and others raved about the coffee (La Colombe), but we always found the espresso to be subpar, worse even than burnt Starbucks efforts. (One can only assume the drip coffee was better.) We’ll certainly miss is the ingenious “coffee cubes” that came in the iced coffee.

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