WC’s Teca Expands

West Chester’s Teca has tripled it’s seating area by expanding into the historic Goodwill Fire Company structure next door. The Italian tapas-style appetizers and salads remain on the menu, but fuller meals are now served in the evening and include a selection of fish and pasta dishes. They also feature an extensive international wine and beer list, and expanded outside seating is available during warm weather.

6 thoughts on “WC’s Teca Expands”

  1. Ive been going to teca for about 2 years now! The food is good, service is good and the club up stairs ( the mezz) is expensive, but a really nice place to take your date or wife or gf to have some drinks and dance and have a great time! I support teca 100%. Thanks for all the good times!

  2. Beautiful interior which cool design. Limited seating even though it expanded a little. When we were taken into the back room it was filled with smoke from the bar and we weren’t even asked our smoking preference. Other than that the food was excellent and nicely displayed as well as flavorfull and more than I expected. I didn’t think the prices were bad at all considering the quality of the food. Typically at a restaurant of this caliber you see higher prices than that and I am familiar with many nice restaurants. I liked the overall ambience very much the service was very good and our waiter was friendly and timely. The hostess was not very friendly as she hesitated to give us a better table. Overall I recommend trying it out because the food is well worth it.

  3. Reservations at 8:00 but we were not seated till 8:45. Hello…45 minutes to sit with reservations? Ok a little upset but when our cocaine induced waiter forgot our appetizer and drink order 3 times and it added another 45 minutes to our wait time, our party of 8 decided this place needs help!!! So how did we know the cocaine induced waiter was actually on cocaine?…well it was probably his majorly shaking hands that tipped off the crowd, folks. Or maybe it was the next table’s waitress who knocked over another table’s chair knowingly; and kept on walking as if nothing happened. The waitress was zooming on drugs and grinding her teeth so bad she didn’t even stop to realize what she had done. The woman’s purse and coat, who was sitting there, was actually knocked onto the floor and not a single staff helped pick it up. An actual customer had picked it up. Folks, this place may be a good place to drink (although extremely high priced drinks for West Chester) but having your main dining area in the lounge just does not work! Neither did the accidental HGB drink bought to our table in error. You’ll have to ask the drug induced help about that but… Seriously, we order a drink of Ketel One and club that came out tasting like Drano. When sent back to the waiter, he some how accidently charged us for the tossed drink anyway as a double charge on our bill. Oh did I mention the glass of wine we ordered and the wine glass had lipstick all over the glass. Ok…so where are we now…1) very disappointed, 2) never coming back and 3) would never recommend this drug infested place to any person who knows what good service is about. When the staff was confronted with the issues, not once did they offer some hospitality or ‘how can we make this right for you the customer.’ Although this place is a nightmare…In retrospect, Teca will have the city of West Chester authorities raiding it soon unless they clean up their act and get rid of the drug induced help and young college club scene. It would also help if the son’s mom and pop open their eyes and stop trying to sugar coat what is really going on at this local. Wake up people…smell the coffee or you’ll give WC a bad name.

  4. We’re from West Chester and were anxious to check out Teca after they expanded. But after trying it a few times to give it a chance, we’re really disappointed. It’s almost like they’re trying too hard to be cool.

    The service staff, especially the hostesses, seem largely inexperienced. We saw some people treated really pretty badly. But with a couple exceptions, the food is good.

    We’ll check out the club when it opens and hope for a better experience.

  5. The 2nd floor at Tecca is going to be a nightclub. It is going to open on the 17th of Feb. I went to check out the space to host a potential private party.

    Here is the scoop…Swanky,sleek, extremely upscale decor. Club will be open from 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM on on Thursday through Saturday…I think.

    But be cautious…I was told, $20.00 Cover nightly…drinks will be about $10.00 per cocktail. Also, this club is planning to have bottle service $200.00 per bottle. Buy a bottle get a table…no bottle, you’ll be standing.
    There is supposed to be a great sound system and DJ. I guess that is what the cover charge is for????

    DRESS CODE….I was told if you look “hot” and dress upscale trendy you can get in.

    Not really mine scene but that’s the scoop!

  6. Ate there last week was very impressed. The interior blew me away – it’s incredible. Huge metal and glass chandeliers, glass tiles and deep booths make this a great space. When I was there they did not have a full menu as mentioned but “specials” in addition to their prior menu.

    Big addition is a great craft beer selection – including such highbrow selections as Chimay and a number of other excellent beers. Be prepared to pay though – if I recall correctly the Chimay was $9 a glass.

    I’ve also heard tell that the 2nd floor is going to be a nightclub along the lines of the old 2nd floor @ Turk’s Head but I don’t believe it’s open yet.

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