Pat & Joe’s Cafe, Devon

Just saw a sign for this place, in the same building as Devon Lanes, claiming the “Best Breakfast on the Main Line”. I’ve never noticed this restaurant before, so I’m not sure if it’s new or not. Anyone have any info?

(300 W Lancaster Ave., Devon (610) 254-9402)

3 thoughts on “Pat & Joe’s Cafe, Devon”

  1. Re: Pat and Joe’s. Have had breakfast there (and some lunches) many, many times. Pat serves some mean red potatoe home fries to go with the eggs. Coffee could be better, but the friendly atmosphere and service, she always has a smile, makes this a great breakfast/brunch destination.

  2. It has been there for years. It’s a good place but not as good as Joe’s Place in Wayne… it’s bigger and the guys are a little nicer. Maybe it’s just the grease from Joe’s grill or something.

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