Openings: Radnor & West Chester

Both Susanna Foo Gourmet Kitchen (website) and Fleming’s Steakhouse (website) are now open in the Radnor Corporate Center.

Maxxum Asian Fusion Grill in East Goshen has closed and been replaced with Oriental Pearl Restaurant, now open.

Feel free to comment if you’ve eaten at any of these restaurants.

4 thoughts on “Openings: Radnor & West Chester”

  1. Went to Suanna”s 11/17 and was not very impressed. Why take reservations if you are going to be 30 – 45 minutes late. I could certainly overlook the reservation problem if the food lived up to the reputation. The calamari was extremely salty, so much so that we sent it back. The pan fried dumplings were godd but the spring roll strung a leak. Entrees faired with mixed results. Chickem with walnuts was a tasty dish, a bit on the sweet side. The duck was good, but came out luke warm and was nothing special.
    A note about the wait staff, Our waiter appeared to really be pushing drinks very hard. Must have asked us at least 4 times which annoyed the women in our party. Overall at this time nothing special,other places on the mainline serving oriental fodd every bit as good. Loved the ambience, truly a very well designed restaurant.

  2. Went to Susanna’s and I think this place needs some time to mature. I only had a couple appetizers, but they were subpar. Calamari seem undercooked, gummy and soft. The spring rolls were nothing special. The wine by the glass selection is poor. The decor is fabulous. A work in progress. Service is superb.

  3. Took a friend to Susanna’s new joint in Radnor for his birthday. Place was packed at 9p on Election Day. They were out of a few wines, and disappointingly ‘had to send back’ their dumpling steamers because they weren’t working. Still — the lightly fried dumpling sampler was excellent. So flavorful. Tried a sushi sampler that was OK (save for the asparagus — uncooked, just too much crunch for this dish). Butternut squash soup was intensely good. After much indecision, I had the Mandarin Crispy Shrimp. Perfect. My friend said his Pad Thai was one of the best he’s tasted. The mixed bevs are all a little on the sweet side — which I like. He didn’t. Service was very prompt; Jessica G. knows her stuff and recommended great dishes. Ambience quite different from her Walnut St. location — less stiff, warmer colors. Only problem: the fire alarm sounded piercingly (I still cringe thinking about it) for about 10 minutes. Quickly forgot about that, though, after a Lycheetini. I should have asked when the tapas menu is offered — we were hoping to sample a bunch of dishes. I’ll definitely be back. Excited to walk there in the spring.

  4. Went to Flemings tonight. The meat is prime and very good. Prices are low 30s, the porterhouse special was in the 40s. Sides were Ok, potatoes good, mushrooms average. Ceasar salad was average. Lots of wine choices, attentive service, maybe too attentive. Will go back and a good addition to the Main Line. Expect lots of expense accounts to be spent there.

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