Malvern Gets What’s Cooking by John Serock Catering

John Serock Catering of Havertown is opening What’s Cooking by John Serock Catering in a Malvern storefront on Rt. 30 (just next to Margaret Kuo’s Mandarin). According to a sign, it will have prepared foods, gourmet groceries and more.

JSC website

3 thoughts on “Malvern Gets What’s Cooking by John Serock Catering”

  1. John and his staff are EXTREMELY friendly. I am from Philly and have been looking for a great sandwich on the ‘Main Line’. Well – I finally found it. All the sandwiches have a little ‘twist’ to them that make them unique.

    Please don’t just drive by….stop in and grab yourself something good to eat!

  2. I’ve tried What’s Cooking’s soups, salads, and several of the hoagies: #1, 2, 6, 7, for take-out lunch, and all have met and exceeded my expectations. What makes these hoagies special is the quality of the ingredients and especially the bread…real south Philly seeded rolls, simply outstanding! Everything is fresh, and tastes homemade; it’s hard to go wrong.

  3. Thanks for mentioning us on your web site, we are thrilled to finally be up and running and welcome everyone to come try our extensive selection of prepared foods as well as our famous Roast Pork.

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