Legal Sea Foods to KoP

Legal Sea Foods

Boston-based chain Legal Sea Foods, who already has locations in DC, NY and Baltimore, is finally coming to the area; a King of Prussia Court location is planned for March. (A Center City branch may also be in the works).

We’ve been pretty critical of chains in this space and continue to believe that independent restaurants serve up a much better dining experience, but we have to admit some excitement about Legal coming to town. Perhaps it is the memories of waiting for a table next to the lobster tank as a little tyke, tagging along on a fish run with mom, or maybe even their no smoking except for the late, great Red Auerbach policy, but there is just something about Legal that always made us feel safe & happy.

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4 thoughts on “Legal Sea Foods to KoP”

  1. Had lunch there the other day and it was at least as good as the last meal I had in R.I.; which was very good. The King of Prussia restaurant is bestter looking and the service more professional. Great for every day meals or for special occasions.

  2. Legal Seafood is a step up from Red Lobster. A big company putting a large sum of money in decor and very bad service and food. The wine list is a good value. I am not sure if the corp orate office knows the Pa prices as of yet.

  3. Havn’t eaten in the restaurant yet but got some take-out on Saturday afternoon. The NE Clam Chowder was as good as I remembered it which is great! The Lobster Rolls which are nothing more than Lobster Salad in a toasted bun- but what lobster salad! It seemed like the meat of an entire 1 1/4 lb. lobster with not much filler. It came with two sides for $18.95. Try and buy a whole Main Lobster at your local market and you will see what a bargain it is. This was the real thing not one of those half dead lobsters they sell at Acme on sale twice a year.

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