Home Cooked in Paoli

A new food store of some kind, Home Cooked, is going in where Sassano’s used to be just off Valley Rd. near Rt. 30 in Paoli. (Sassano’s moved over by the Liquor Store.) Seems like a prepared meal place of some kind, although I fear it is more like a Dream Dinners concept.

Update: This IS a “Dream Dinners” – style place; Read the comments for a more detailed description from the owner.

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  1. Hi there,

    This is the same concept as Dream Dinners, however it is MUCH more than preparing and reheating! You do come to our store to prepare the food, which is a fun and social event that you and your friends can attend. Or you can have us prepare the meals for you (if you are super busy, as everyone is). We have a great social area for breaks, and we serve snacks and coffee during the sessions. This is a really cool place to have private parties, such as a Mom’s club.

    All of our food is fresh, you put it together using our simple instructions and you bring the meals home and store them in your freezer uncooked. This is very different than reheating! Everything is cooked in your own home minutes before having dinner with your family at the dinner table.

    If you desire, you can prepare as much as a month’s worth of dinners in 2 hours. This will save you a TON of time in shopping, prepping and cleaning.

    We also have great food, which is what it’s all about! We have a cordon blue trained chef onsite to develop some really great meals, that are also affordable.

    Our meals translate to around $3-5 per serving! You can’t even go to McDonalds for that much.

    We are brand new, so our website is only 1 page at this time, but you can use the online order form to set up a session time. Our website, http://www.homecooked.net, will be fully functional in mid January, but please feel free to call us (610.647.1002), email us (info@homecooked.net) or just drop on by (1 Paoli Plaza, across N Valley Road from the Paoli Train Station).

    Hope to hear from you soon!


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