Get Ready for Teresa’s Next Door

After a long wait, the bar next door to Teresa’s Cafe (aptly titled Teresa’s Next Door) should open in early June. And, despite not being billed as a “beer bar” or a Belgian bar (and after several disputes on this very website), TND will offer 24 beers on tap (half of which are Belgian) and 160 bottles.

(Teresa’s Cafe will remain BYOB, in case you were wondering.)

According to readers of MLD, TND will also be non-smoking.

(Great beer, no smoking, a place to wait for a table at Teresa’s? This place sounds better and better each time I hear about it!)

4 thoughts on “Get Ready for Teresa’s Next Door”

  1. Adam: I would be interested in a description of the flavor difference between pilsner, lager-types and ale. I have read descriptiions of the differences in brewing metnods but I’m not sure I know how they are suppose to differ in taste.

  2. There beer list is ridiculous, and not in a good way. Over two hundred beers in bottles, only 14 of which are of lager-type. And that counts dopplebocks and macrobrews. There was only a single pilsner and a single helles to really represent the most popluar style of beer in the world.
    The only lager on tap was a schwartz beer.
    Reccomended exclusively to beer geeks who drink nothing but ale.

  3. I have had the opportunity to be there a few times pre-open and I can tell you that this place will not dissapoint. The beer list is incredibly solid, the food is upscale and well executed and the interior is stunning.

  4. Looking forward to Teresa’s Next Door opening. Finally, what sounds like a great food AND beer a very short drive from home. Let’s hope they fill growlers.

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