West Chester Restaurant Festival

Is this Saturday — closing down Gay St… lots of food, drink and fun. Get out there!

BTW, We can’t make it this year, so let us know by posting below if anything new or exciting develops at this year’s event.

3 thoughts on “West Chester Restaurant Festival”

  1. Donny Syracuse: It is unreasonable to expect the people who run this site to cover every restaurant from West Chester through Phila. It would appear they are running this service on their own dime since we are not paying a fee and I see no advertising. It is up to us to fill in the gaps. There were several reader comments about High Street Cafe in the spring of this year — all favorable.

  2. Listen you people that run this site stink, I cant believe you have not rated, or review the High Street Cafe in West Chester, This place is the Best cajun creole place out there, Here’s a really big BOOOOOOO to u peeps at Main line Restaurant guide….

  3. Sorry to hear you guys won’t be there. We’ll be blogging all the details on WC Dish from our booth where we’ll also be monitoring the WC Dish Choice Awards. Feel free to stop by and say Hi if you do get a chance. Have a delicious weekend!

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