Stephen’s on State, Media

August 13th, 2008

105 W. State St., Media

Reviewed by our friends The Dining Duo in the Trend. (review no longer available)

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  1. Media Resident says:

    I was VERY disappointed in this dining experience :( Never again will my fiance and I go there. The food was not nearly worth the price and (above everything) I was VERY disgusted with the bugs everywhere. I had to swat flies away from my food and there were fruit flies huddling near the rim of my wine glass. I found that to be quite disgusting.
    The service was sub par. Nothing impressive. The food was by far not worth the price. The steaks were fatty so you didn’t get a significant amount of actual meat.

    All in all my fiance and I were less than impressed and would not ever dine there again because it just really wasn’t worth the price.

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