Local Cheese: Spatola’s Pizza, Melt Down

The Peace a Pizza in Wayne has been replaced by Melt Down Grilled Cheese, a chain concept opened by the owners of… wait for it… Peace a Pizza. There’s already a location in North Wales, and they sold sandwiches at some Eagles games this past season. Check out their menu and more info on their website.

Missing your chain pizza? Well, Spatola’s Pizza, another mini-chain that got its start in Bucks County, is coming to Paoli. There’s a sign up in the shopping center that houses Radio Shack and the original Dunkin Donuts (you know, the one you never go in), but no date is specified. The same family also owns Spizzico Pizza in Wayne. Though they have several locations going, the Spatola’s website is still “under construction”… but if you’re dying for a preview, the Landsdale store does have one.

3 thoughts on “Local Cheese: Spatola’s Pizza, Melt Down”

  1. Well, they are open. And it was outstanding. And they deliver within 5 miles. My new za location. Thank goodness.

  2. I grew up in Lansdale, and if the Spatola’s is the same that is in Chalfont, it cannot open soon enough! Their pizza will whip anything locally. Anytime I have to clean a shirt from drippings from their pizza, I am happy.

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