Saxby’s takes It’s a Grind

October 9th, 2009

About a month ago, we posted that Saxby’s had closed their Malvern location. Now, the fast-expanding Colorado Conshohocken coffee shop chain has taken over the Rt 30 building in Paoli that is currently branded It’s a Grind. Don’t expect any service outage — the staff is saying the same, and the coffee and cups have already switched.

This is a bit of a disappointment for espresso fans, as It’s a Grind had the best of the chain stores. Saxby’s isn’t horrible, but it lacks the richness and depth of IaG.

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  1. BLT says:

    I thought I read this and some Googling found it — when the bought BCC they closed the roasting operation in Langhorne and moved it to Conshy as well.

    • mld says:

      Interesting… they definitely sell elevation coffee in their stores (I was there yesterday), and according to the franchise agreement on their website, all coffee is shipped from Colorado. I wonder what they use the local coffee for, or if that never came to be?

  2. BLT says:

    Saxby’s is Conshohocken based, not Colorado based.

    • mld says:

      You are absolutely correct. I guess I always assumed it was Colorado-based because their coffee packaging says “roasted fresh daily in the Mile High City”. But apparently they don’t roast their own coffee, instead preferring to buy from Elevation Coffee in Colorado (

      Interestingly, Saxby’s was started as an Atlanta-based business with a goal of being an upscale alternative to Starbucks. After some bad business decisions, it was sold to Philly’s Walnut Street Capital in 2007. In 2008, they acquired Bucks County Coffee. In August of 2009, they filed for bankruptcy, which hasn’t stopped them from continuing to expand this year.

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