Coyote Crossings Closing?

We’ve heard a rumor that both Coyote Crossing locations (Conshy & West Chester) will be closing and that they have been made available to other restauranteurs for development.

Can’t say we’d be all that disappointed — what started out as a good idea has turned into a bland, overpriced waste of space. Both locations have great outdoor areas though, so we’ll certainly keep an eye on them.

Update: According to CC Management, his rumor is unfounded and untrue. Sorry for the misrepresentation. 

7 thoughts on “Coyote Crossings Closing?”

  1. I heard the rumor the other day about the possible closing and was devastated. The rooftop at the West Chester Coyote Crossing is my very favorite place to eat – atmosphere and food are the best. We have eaten at Coyote a number of times (both inside and out) and have never been disappointed. My grown children also frequent both the West Chester and Conshohocken restaurants for special occasions as well as just one of their favorite places for a great meal. Please say it isn’t so that you’re closing!!!!

  2. I enjoyed a recent visit to the rooftop — my first visit to the roof. The specials were terrific and the space beautiful. I’ve heard from other friends afterward that they’ve had troubles there because they could not sit if not ordering entrees (Bad policy — especially when you are paying $9 for a frozen margherita) and/or they felt rushed out once they were done dinner. On my visit, none of the above was true we had a nice meal with prompt drink service — it was a Monday, so not a great demand for tables. We did have two guys joustling bushes nearby to plug in lights (Suggest a timer). All in all, we had a great night.

  3. I have been to Coyote in WC on at least 5 occasions – usually with 3 or 4 coworkers but once or twice we had a larger group on the rooftop. I have to say that on not one of these occasions were we treated poorly and yes, we only ordered drinks and a couple of appetizers for the table (even when there were 9 of us on the roof). More recently we visited and asked the host to sit up front at a round table even though we only wanted maragaritas and appetizers (easier to converse). This request was no problem. We have had nothing but friendly service, great food, the best margaritas in town, and an extremely comfortable atmosphere. We are headed back to Coyote Crossing tonight for a Happy Hour. This is one of the best places in West Chester for drinks, atmosphere and friendly service and I want to commend Carlos for his hard work.

  4. For JW.

    I am Carlos Melendez and I do remember the group that you are talking about. I take your comments to heart and very seriously. I have a lot of respect for you as a person and as a businessman.
    Concept design in restaurants is the way the business is evolving. I hope that you understand that is not about “a show off” is more about the principal that I believe in my heart that it is my Job to create the most beautiful space for my customers, to put all my heart and risk everything I ever worked for in a vision of a concept that would creat a terrific dining experience for my customers. Is not all about the food, and the service, is the whole experience, is feeling transported to another country, or to another place.
    I must admitt I have felt short getting the propper managment in place and I am working over time to put the right people in the right places.
    Is a very tough industry, and we only hear about the customers that we don’t please.
    Thank you for taking the time to write, and again please know that I am doing everything I can to achieve excellence in a very tough industry.

  5. I was part of a group of about 20 people that were treated fairly badly by CC’s staff at their West Chester location on their stunning roof area. We were told AFTER ordering and AFTER our food arrived that we would have to vacate our table in 1hr because not everyone had ordered entrees (some had ordered appetizers but most (13) in our party were eating and all were drinking). After the manager dropped this bomb on us and claimed it was “policy” (the universal excuse of the unimaginative), several in our party made a beeline for the door, reducing our party by about half. Adding insult to injury, these tables remained vacant and were not cleared, nor reset, for the remainder of the time the party stayed. Furthermore, we found the waitservice to be marginal, many in our party had to resort to going to the bar for drinks since refreshes were infrequent.

    I was pretty upset about this visit to Coyote Crossing because I had suggested it to the group, which consisted of both employees and colleagues from my workplace, a major West Chester company. The entire party was disgusted by the treatment and the “policy.” So, the next day, I called Carlos (at the manager’s suggestion) to address it.

    After being first a touch defensive, Carlos accepted what I was saying and understood the gripes and very generously offered to host the entire group for a return visit. After a few more conversations, the whole group came back (even including a few who weren’t at the previous visit, with Carlos’ generous blessing) and Carlos treated us to many pitchers of Sangria, Margaritas, and appetizers. It was a truly generous gesture from a man that I came to respect in our conversations. He clearly cares about doing the right thing for customers and his restaurant. He and I spoke about the blood, sweat and tears that went into the West Chester renovation and the unbelievably beautiful roof space. Everyone in the party was pleased and seemed to come away with a much-repaired perception of Coyote Crossing.

    But, to my surprise, no one has suggested a return there. Considering the generosity and the beauty of the space, I figured my colleagues and employees would be eager to return, but they weren’t. When I heard the rumors about CC closing, I was saddened for Carlos but I wasn’t really that surprised.

    I’ve thought for a while about what CC might be doing wrong and why 20 people who got free food and drinks there courtesy of the owner wouldn’t want to go back. I’ve asked some, and it turns out that some have been back and have been treated poorly on other visits, and others have said that they think the food is overpriced. I had a conversation this past weekend with a local restaurant enthusiast who chalks it up to “city restaurants” not meeting “country tastes”. This enthusiast made the case that some local Fine Dining establishments such as Nectar and Coyote Crossing seem to be relying on atmosphere and cache (IE price) too much – as if they are catering to conspicuous-consumption customers in the same way that top Philadelphia/NY restaurants do, but that many Suburb customers aren’t as interested in these things, nor are they terribly interested in appearing wealthy (especially if they’re not). Nectar certainly has no shortage of willing customers – on all my visits the place has been packed, but the enthusiast tells me that she thinks that these are primarily Main Line “snobs” who want to show off and spend lots of money at the best restaurant within driving distance (hey, check out my $13 martini!).

    So, if Nectar is successful, what’s the problem with CC? Maybe it’s the genre. Maybe customers see Southwest/Mex as a step down in sophistication from Nectar’s Asian Fusion. Maybe the fact that CC’s service is clearly a step below Nectar’s is a factor. Maybe it’s demographics – anyone with a local background (like mine) would tell you that Nectar is in prime location for “old money” (both Jewish and Christian) on the rapidly-extending Western Main Line but West Chester is a rapidly growing county seat that has long been home to mostly middle-class WASPS.

    I really don’t know why (or even if) CC might be closing its doors. I do know that even outside the 20 people who visited with me, I’ve heard very little praise for anything but the roof space. For my part, I have nothing but the highest regard for Carlos and I appreciate his generosity and dedication. I’ve been generally unimpressed with the food and the Margaritas have varied from great to horrible in my visits there. I think that Carlos may be ahead of his time for the area. maybe West Chester isn’t ready for TexMex Fusion and maybe the customers he’s courting have an idea of what Southwest cuisine should be and are unwilling to consider his interpretation. Regardless of the reasons, I hope he succeeds and wish him the best of luck in all his endeavors.

  6. Hi

    I am Carlos Melendez owner of Coyote Crossing. As far as I know where are not closing neither one of my locations. To the person that reviews restaurants I would love to invite him or her for dinner to wlak them through my menu so they can have an experience that make them change their perception about my restaurants. You know how hard we work, a second chance would be greatly appreciate it.

    Carlos Melendez

  7. Hi

    I am Carlos Melendez owner of Coyote Crossing. As far as I know where are not closing neither one of my locations. To the person that reviews restaurants I would love to invite him or her for dinner to wlak them through my menu so they can have an experience that make them change their perception about my restaurants. You know how hard we work, a second chance would be greatly appreciate it.

    Carlos Melendez

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