Xilantro to Open Spring 2011


Another (an actual?) Mexican-themed restaurant is coming to Wayne — in addition to the Spanish/Mexican tapas joint Matador (in the old Vivo/Freehouse space), Xilantro (which apparently is based on the Aztec spelling of the divisive herb), an upscale Mexican restaurant & lounge, will be opening its doors in late May 2011, just across N. Wayne Ave.

The owners hail from existing restaurants El Serape in Blue Bell and Los Serapes in Chalfont and Horsham (as well as a place called Cilantro – traditional spelling – in Salem, MA). Expect a more authentic Mexican theme than Matador, and tequila, as they have acquired a liquor license.

Xilantro’s seasonal menu will feature both “progressive” and “authentic” Mexican fare. Appetizers will include Guacamole made table-side, freshly-made tortillas and Arriba Chihuahua Nachos (which seems like a fancy way to say Nachos). Entrees include Grouper en Papillate, Filete Tres Chiles and Grilled Pork Chops with Tomatillo Sauce and Crunchy Plantain.

At lunch, guests can choose from a wide array of dishes such as Xilantro del Mar Salad, Salmon Tropical and a variety of Tacos, Enchiladas and Fajitas. In addition, all of the dishes that are made with corn products are gluten free.

The bar at Xilantro will house one of the largest selections of premium tequila in the Philadelphia area, with over 100 tequilas, along with Mexican inspired cocktails including specialty margaritas, Mexican beers and wines from around the world.

Menus (PDFs via Philly.com): Lunch | Dinner

103 N. Wayne Ave.
Wayne, PA
Website | Xilantro’s Facebook Page

Monday – Thursday: 11:30am – 10:30pm
Friday – Saturday: 11:30am – 11:30pm
Sunday Brunch: Noon – 3pm
Sunday Dinner: 3 – 10pm
Catering & Special Parties also available.

16 thoughts on “Xilantro to Open Spring 2011”

  1. Terrible experience. No chips, no guacamole, stones in the rice that almost broke my boy’s tooth, extremely expensive for the quality and amount of food served. No juice for my son, definitely, no a family-oriented restaurant. I was extremely disappointed. I do not recommend it at all. Save your money and time for a better place!

      1. Then they should have a Kid policy then and not act dumb when you arrive with your infant.

  2. We waited so long… now we’re depressed. Bright colorful decor spoiled by the earsplitting racket. Cheerful waiter fetched us chips/salsa & guac; salsa (actually pico de gallo) was bitter, guac was bland and leaden. Lamb entree was tasteless, cebollitas were slimy. Service was fine, but the food will kill the restaurant in a couple of months. One more thing… NO CILANTRO ANYWHERE on anything we ordered! What the H3LL!!

  3. Our much anticipated first dining experience was disappointingly a let down. Although the decor is fresh and inviting, it does not create a welcoming ambiance. The staff was lukewarm and somewhat snotty for a place that tries to put out a hip vibe. But I an easily put that aside for good food. I knew it was a bad sign when the diners next to us gave a brutally honest critique of their food to the server. They had come for opening night & were higly imprressed, hence their disappointment at their lacking meal. Empty burritoes, tasteless chips, etc. I shouldn’t have been so stunned when my veggie enchilada (only 2) came with no cheese. Have you ever heard of such a thing?we googled it, & sure enough, traditional street enchiladas came sans cheese or even filling. That’s pretty much what I got. Our server said only cheese enchiladas come with cheese. When I told him I ouldnt eat just broccoli wrapped in a corn tortilla (for $10??) he promptly took them back & brought me cheese smothered fres enchiladas. Which were ok. Not something I would expect from a ‘fine’ or upscale establishment. fFurthermore my husband’s fish tacos were completely empty besides the fish. A side of watery salsa & that’s it.no lettuce, tomato, cheese, nothing. Come on! We won’t be returning unless I hear some major turn around has taken place. I can get way better authentic mexican from Taqueria Limon in coshohocken for half the price.

  4. My wife and I had dinner there this evening. Impressions were generally good. We have eaten many time at Los Sarapes and El Sarapes, and I would say the flavors are on par with their other locations…Nachos with black beans and chihuhua cheese, garlic camarones, fliet in chorzio sauce were all very good…liquor license expected this weekend…service not bad for 2nd night open..my only gripe is that their price point is significantly higher than their other locations. I think, however, that they will still do well there.

  5. Tuesday, May 31 is the “Grand Opening”, provided the liquor license gets signed. Xilantro has had a number of “Friends and Families” soft openings in the past week; there was no bar liquor available for sale but it was serving from the full food menu. The place is smaller than I expected — maybe 60 seats — with room for more to sit and stand at the bar. It couldn’t be more different than Matador when it comes to atmosphere: Matador is dark wood and moody reds (with that lousy upstairs/downstairs layout) while Xilantro’s is bright white with lime accent colors, along with creative lighting. The menu is traditional: “starters on the left side and main courses on the right”. Everybody gets a stone mortar filled with terrific guac and warm chips on the side to begin. Main dishes: enchiladas (the only real nod to basic Mexican found at El Serape)..glazed salmon…braised lamb…filet with chorizo..grouper in papillote range hover in price around 20, up to 29.

  6. Considering the mixed to subpar reviews their other Mexican-themed joints in the area have gotten, I can continue to wait. There is great authentic Mexican in nearby Norristown either way. I don’t see Matador and Xilantro both making it here in Wayne. Can even one survive?

  7. Any word on this? Last time I walked by they had the sign up but the windows were still covered over. Are they being held up by the township, or perhaps just waiting until spring to open so that they can take advantage of their patio to set themselves apart from Matador?

    Wonder how this is going to do, though. There’s already two tequila bars in the region, the new Matador and Verdad down in Bryn Mawr, as well as some possible competition for those with a burrito craving from the newly opened Chipotle next to the old Acme.

    1. My son and I peeked in the open door about a week ago. Dry wall was going up, but it looked more like the beginnings of construction than anything even close to opening. The workmen closed the door so we didn’t get much more info.

  8. is this a good thing having two very similar themed restaurants open at the same? Spanish or Mexican…will the consumers really be able to differ when they are both tequilla bars? I’ll try them of course, but it sounds like bad planning on the Xilantro place to come in when there is one to open. an by the looks of it, Matador will open sooner then listed above.

    1. Actually I would bet on Xilantro opening first — assuming Radnor approves their PLCB license (a big assumption).

      1. Is anyone as shocked as me that this will be the first Mexican restaurant in the area if it opens?? I cant believe I have no place to grab a taco or burrito besides Taco Bell! Keeping my fingers crossed this happens & it isnt terrible :)

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