Tommy Gunn’s comes to the Main Line

The fabulous Tommy Gunn’s American Barbeque has arrived in Ardmore, replacing PJ Henry’s on Haverford Ave. (just past the intersection of Haverford Ave. & Wynnewood/Eagle Rd.). It looks like things are just getting started, but there is a small sign saying “Now Open – Tommy Gunns BBQ!”.

I tried Tommy Gunn’s pulled pork at World Cafe Live and it was out of this world. Absolutely melted in my mouth!

2 thoughts on “Tommy Gunn’s comes to the Main Line”

  1. i called Tommy Gunns for clarification and learned that they have only taken over the restaurant and NOT the bar business and so, it will still be called PJ Henrys (serving TGunns BBQ) …at least as much as I can gather.

  2. Glad to here they have come to Ardmore. I hope it tastes the same as the one in Manayunk. I went to the one on South Street and it tasted nothing like the one in Manayunk. The food is good sometimes, iffy other times.

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