The Freehouse Saga Continues

June 22nd, 2009

Let’s take a look at what has been going on with The Freehouse, timeline style. Dates may be approximate.

January 10: Mims Food and Drink opens in the space formerly known as the Freehouse
January 28: The Inquirer first reports the non-compete clause that will force Mims to Phoenixville.
April 28: “Mims Food & Drink” officially closes.
May 6: The Freehouse reopens as, wait for it… The Freehouse.
May 12: In what seemed like an innocuous comment at the time, new Freehouse chef Brett Naylor mentions disagreeing with FH ownership about the name (whether it should have been renamed or not). (link)
June 3: A paper sign is seen on the darkened Freehouse stating “Closed for Renovations”.’s Michael Klein responds to a Main Line Dine Tweet stating that it is a reported “plumbing issue” and that it will reopen this weekend.
June 4: Naylor ignores our email inquiring about the restaurant’s status. (He’d been very responsive previously.)
June 13: The Freehouse is still closed for perhaps the biggest Wayne restaurant day of the year, the Main Line Jazz Fest.
June 22: Klein posts on his blog that chef Naylor was seen working in the Urban Outfitters corporate kitchen in the Navy Yard, that the website has disappeared and that calls to the restaurant owners go straight to voicemail.

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  1. John says:

    Any update on Freehouse, Mims or TBA????

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