Site Update

As you have probably noticed, this site hasn’t been updated in quite some time (as explained in End of an Era). But, there are some tidbits I wanted to pass along to readers, since our archives still do generate some traffic:

  • I am still active on Twitter, posting food and drink news, opinions and links. If you don’t follow me already, click through and do so to stay in touch.
  • I manage a wine blog called PA Vine Co.; we focus on helping consumers discover high quality dry wines made in the commonwealth.
  • PA Vine Co also runs Pennsylvania Wine Drinkers, a Facebook group for anyone who likes wine in PA. Join us for value picks from the PLCB, local wineries, and more.
  • I contribute regularly to other food and drink publications. The best way to stay on top of these articles is to either follow the social media accounts mentioned above or to check out my writing website Life at Table.

In the meantime, the archives of Main Line Dine are still accessible for you to peruse and enjoy.