Return of the Freehouse!

We already knew that Mims was gone, but now his namesake is as well, as The Freehouse will be returning, in about a week or so. Confused? So are we.

16 thoughts on “Return of the Freehouse!”

  1. Brett, I’m no marketing expert, but if you or your owners did any diligence and discovered this negativity associated with the past reputation, why would you name it the same name?

    1. heh. getting this restaurant opened was a HUGE struggle on my and my team’s part. the name…i do agree it should not be the freehouse (one: bad stigma two:does not coincide with our concept). however, it was a battle that was hard to win and it was a choice to focus time and effort on the actual food and operations or trying to get a different name. So i opted for focusing on the restaurant itself. I hope to let the food speak for itself and perhaps shine a new light on the freehouse name.

    2. Andy, it sounds like the owners were the stubborn ones. They’ve made a serious mistake. I agree with you totally. The owners really blew it by returning to the old name. We ate at the Freehouse when it first opened and actually liked the British pub fare served at the start. The name Freehouse suited the place. But now it makes absolutely no sense. Seems like the new chef really tried, but the bosses wouldn’t hear of it. Is it an issue of spending money on a new sign?? BTW, we strolled by tonight and glanced quickly at the appetizer menu. The first two items: olives $3…nuts $3. ?? What’s up with that?

      1. I responded to the sign and name issue above, check out the food – it will speak for itself. As far as the question of “what is up with that?” I am not too sure what you are asking. Because of price? It is a 3 dollar plate that can be shared between 3 to 4 people.

      2. Next time I head to Wayne, I’m going to give you a try. I love duck; rest of menu looks very good, too. My comment about the $3 nuts and olives: I can’t say I’ve ever seen a restaurant post these snacks on a menu and actually charge for them. They are bar snacks,usually put on a table for free. Just looks odd to me that they’re the first two things on a new menu

  2. Hi, I am the chef of the new Freehouse restaurant (Brett Naylor). I do not know much of the past with the restaurant and the area. I am just making good food and making it a good restaurant. If you have dined here under my menu and do not like it, okay; however, if you have not tried it please do not slander me. Our team has worked very hard and although we do not know the history of the changes, we do not care all too much. We make good food at good prices. Any constructive criticism is welcomed, slandering can be left somewhere else.


    1. We agree with Brett. If you don’t like something, at least have the courtesy to say why. Comments like Sally’s below don’t help anyone.

  3. The “new “Freehouse, in a word, terrible; they have totally missed the mark again. The menu is too obscure for a street that depends on families and young adults to fill their seats. I watched at least four couples look at the menu and walk out tonight. They have a great space, and I wish they would use it to its potential. It won’t last until the end of the summer.

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