Happenings in Paoli

Lew’s New York Deli is currently under construction where the old Il Primo Pizza used to be (on Rt 30 across from Wendy’s). Sounds promising!

Right next door, Tradewinds Coffee, a drive thru coffee shop is now open. It’s no Starbucks, but it is convenient.

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  1. Ugh. The coffee glut in Paoli remains, but the best fo the best is no longer. Tradewinds is now closed (it looks like for good).

  2. Once I tried a cup of Tradewind’s La Colombe I was hooked. First, you can’t beat the convenience of never having to step out of your car to have a cup of heavenly coffee. Second, the staff are so personable you want to drive-thru just to say hello. I expected it to be more difficult to exit the shop but have been pleasantly surprised that its quite easy. I don’t know if they charge tax on the pound of coffee that they sell but I’ll be getting mine there from now on.

  3. Jim Frank: You are right Jim, Tradewinds is still charging sales tax on coffee beans as of 10/23. Their only explanation is ” we charge tax on everything”. I paid it because the coffee is worth $15.96 — it’s that good. However I can drive to La Colombe in Manayunk and get the same coffee for $11.75 WITHOUT TAX.

  4. Are you sure they charged you sales tax. I work part time at Kitchen Kapers in Wayne and there is no sales tax on coffee beans, ground or otherwise. If store or restaurant sells you a cup of coffee to go then there is Pa. Sales Tax. Someone pressed the wrong button on the register. Beside, I have purchased coffee beans there and wasn’t charged sales tax.

  5. They charge PA sales tax when you buy a pound of coffee beans there. It ended up costing over 15 bucks. Something seems wrong with that.

  6. I am a full-time barista at Tradewinds, as well as a bit of a coffee snob. Actually, let me rephrase that…
    Hello, my name is Mieke, and I am addicted to La Colombe coffee.
    It honestly is the best-quality bean I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried quite a few. In a nutshell, (Or, I should say, coffee bean), La Colombe has truly mastered the art of roasting.
    Matter-of-fact: If anyone has seen La Colombe’s label, the term “Torrefaction” literally means just that.
    Now to answer the two questions/concerns listed above:
    1. We deeply apologize for the inconvenient hours we used to have. With you in mind, we have extended our hours to the following:
    Monday-Friday: 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
    Saturdays: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
    Sundays: Closed until further notice

    *My explanation for our new hours is that we are still tweaking and perfecting our hours, so please bear with us while we figure out how to work out our hours with yours.

    2. Advertising the fact that we are serving La Colombe coffee has been harder than we’d thought it would be. To be honest, we not only have 1 placard in the drive-thru window, but we have an identical sign in the walk up window, 2 standing signs at the curb of lancaster avenue (facing traffic, respectively) and 2 huge canvas hanging signs on our pergula.
    These advertising tools are not really working to our advantage. Any ideas?

    As far as the support goes, we REALLY appreciate it!!! We were overwhelmed by the fact that almost everyone local came by welcomed us to the neigborhood! It’s a great feeling to know that people genuinely care, and stop by just to say hi sometimes!!!

    Thanks again for the constructive criticism, and feel free to stop by and grab a cup of joe to go!!

    See you soon :-)

  7. You are right – Tradewinds is no Starbucks – because Starbucks coffee is awful. La Colombe coffee is wonderful. I drive by this place everyday, and I breakdown at least twice a week for a cup.

  8. I love La Colombe coffee and finally was able to try Tradewinds. It was great! I am a Starbucks fan too so it is nice to have a choice. My only complaint about Tradewinds is the hours – Tradewinds is open 6-6 during the week (not convenient for me due to my work schedule)and 8-5 on Saturdays and closed on Sundays. I enjoy going out for a coffee on Sunday morning and I know I am not alone – I really think they need to be open on Sundays…Starbucks is packed!

  9. Not only is the coffee very good but it’s also much easier to get to.
    The drive thru feature is GREAT!

  10. Tradewinds is actually BETTER than Starbucks, and I can walk to Starbucks. I finally stopped in the other day and was shocked to find they are serving La Colombe coffee there!! Finally a place in Paoli with La Colombe! Seriously, I’m not quite sure why they aren’t advertising this beyond the little placard in the window.

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