Freehouse Rumor Mill Continues to Swirl

We just picked up a new rumor on the Freehouse space (11 N. Wayne Ave.): Apparently the deal with JD McGillicuddy’s has fallen through; in place of the Pub mini-chain, a Mexican restaurant will be the new tenant. Is it Johnny Cabo’s II? Another Coyote Crossing? We’ll post more details as they come to light.

The McGillicuddy’s website still states that a Main Line location is coming soon.

In semi-related news, we’re also told that thieves swiped some flat-screen TVs from the Freehouse this week, but that they have been apprehended. In case you haven’t been paying attention, here are some other Freehouse-related posts:


6 thoughts on “Freehouse Rumor Mill Continues to Swirl”

  1. Today I checked JD’s website and the upcoming “main line location” is no longer listed. So I guess the latest rumor is true.

  2. Let’s thank the deep fryer gods if McGillicuddy’s has fallen through. If you’re hearing a Mexican rumor, methinks it will be run by Christopher. That was the barchat a couple of months ago.

  3. This would be fantastic… many of us who live in Wayne were very disappointed to hear that yet another beer bar was going in. It would be great to get a new restaurant concept in the area and there is no Mexican nearby. Though having a wine bar back would really be ideal… I know the Enoteca went out of business a few years ago but there is much more of a wine culture nowadays.

  4. This would be a godsend if successful. If they offer affordable lunch, a good takeout menu, and nice mexican dinners, it would give us all a break from the asian/italian takeout monotony that plagues the ardmore/brynmawr/wayne area.

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