Freehouse Rumor Mill Continues to Swirl

August 13th, 2009

We just picked up a new rumor on the Freehouse space (11 N. Wayne Ave.): Apparently the deal with JD McGillicuddy’s has fallen through; in place of the Pub mini-chain, a Mexican restaurant will be the new tenant. Is it Johnny Cabo’s II? Another Coyote Crossing? We’ll post more details as they come to light.

The McGillicuddy’s website still states that a Main Line location is coming soon.

In semi-related news, we’re also told that thieves swiped some flat-screen TVs from the Freehouse this week, but that they have been apprehended. In case you haven’t been paying attention, here are some other Freehouse-related posts:


6 Responses to “Freehouse Rumor Mill Continues to Swirl”

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  1. Common Cents says:

    Today I checked JD’s website and the upcoming “main line location” is no longer listed. So I guess the latest rumor is true.

  2. […] The Freehouse in Wayne is a drama queen of a location. JD McGillicuddy’s is not opening there. MLD floats Mexican as a possibility. [Main Line Dine] […]

  3. thedogatemyhomework says:

    Let’s thank the deep fryer gods if McGillicuddy’s has fallen through. If you’re hearing a Mexican rumor, methinks it will be run by Christopher. That was the barchat a couple of months ago.

  4. amym says:

    This would be fantastic… many of us who live in Wayne were very disappointed to hear that yet another beer bar was going in. It would be great to get a new restaurant concept in the area and there is no Mexican nearby. Though having a wine bar back would really be ideal… I know the Enoteca went out of business a few years ago but there is much more of a wine culture nowadays.

  5. Mark says:

    This would be a godsend if successful. If they offer affordable lunch, a good takeout menu, and nice mexican dinners, it would give us all a break from the asian/italian takeout monotony that plagues the ardmore/brynmawr/wayne area.

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