Coal Fired Pizza in Wayne; ACME to go

Big changes are coming to the Wayne shopping center that currently houses ACME (a.k.a Wayne Square). The space that once held Eckerd/Rite Aid will be split into two retail spaces, one of which will become Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, a Florida chain restaurant that is partially owned by Dan Marino. This appears to be their first location in the Northeast, though the website lists Delaware as another potential suitor. Though Wayne hardly needs yet another pizza joint, this appears to be a sit-down establishment that will have a bar (assuming their liquor license hearing goes well). Think Bertucci’s, before they started focusing on pasta and other dishes.

ACME will also be vacating this shopping center, when their lease expires in March 2011. Current plans are to remodel the entire space to house 9 smaller retail locations. No word yet on whether any of them will be restaurants.

Update: reports that Anthony’s is targeting September for an opening date.

3 thoughts on “Coal Fired Pizza in Wayne; ACME to go”

  1. Ugh. Charred pizza. And it’s a chain restaurant to boot; they won’t give a damn about Wayne, except for the money people will spend on their booze and overpriced pies…

    1. Hopefully it won’t be typical chain fake-italian/pizza. There’s enough local pizza joints that make some amazing pies within a 10 mile radius of there to hopefully keep them honest.

      One never knows, though.

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