Teresa’s Next Door, Wayne


“As an appetizer special tonight,” said our affable waiter, “we have a deep-fried burrata.” “Ohhh sh!t,” I exclaimed. “You’re familiar with burrata then?” he asked. When I confirmed, he added: “then I guess you’ll be getting that.” Yeah, we will be, I admitted begrudgingly. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to order the deep fried ball of fresh mozzarella mixed with fresh cream (how could I not?) — my exasperation was due to the fact that I had already planned to warm my belly on a cold winter’s night with the seasonal “Reindeer Stew” at Teresa’s Next Door, which I rightfully took to be a very hearty meal. Adding the most decadent mozzarella stick ever created, plus a couple of TND’s amazing but heavy beers, surely meant a bellyache later. But there was no way I was turning down that burrata.

We didn’t go to TND that night with the intention of re-reviewing the popular Wayne bar & restaurant; though our previous article was a few years old, it still seemed to accurately describe the TND experience. Surprisingly however, the food has evolved quite a bit, and though the old standbys (an amazing beer list, 6 varieties of mussels with those amazing fries, comfort-food sandwiches) remain, the chefs have taken the specials and seasonal dishes to new heights of distinction and creativity.

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Ashys Burger & Fries, Paoli

ashys burger paoli

Ashys Burgers & Fries is a little storefront operation in the Paoli Shopping Center serving up excellent hand-crafted, fresh (never frozen) burgers, lots of fries, as well as some Mediterranean specialties like hummus, falafel and stuffed grape leaves.

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The Silverspoon, Wayne

the sliverspoon wayne

Ever since it opened in 2005, The Silverspoon (Cafe) has been a quaint place to get interesting and healthy breakfast and lunch. A recent move/expansion to Eagle Village Shops (Spread Eagle Village), however, combined with the addition of chef Ron Sliverberg (son of owners Rich and Ruth), has allowed this little neighborhood cafe to reach new levels of food and service.

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PB and U, Wayne


When I was about 8 years old, I invented a snack that consisted of peanut butter and mozzarella cheese on a Triscuit cracker. People thought I was “nuts”, but I loved it anyway. Still do, actually — the cheese is relatively bland, so it pairs very nicely with the bold flavor of peanut butter. They don’t serve PB & Motz at PB&U, the new peanut butter-focused cafe in the center of Wayne, but they do serve PB with cheddar or cream cheese, not to mention, um, pickles. Of course, they offer more traditional pairings like jelly and bananas as well.

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Mom’s Bake at Home Pizza, Devon

mom's pizza devon

Mom’s Bake at Home Pizza has been around for many years, but it wasn’t until recently that I was first persuaded to give it a try. Isn’t the point of getting pizza that you DON’T have to cook?

I was intrigued, however, when I heard that Mom’s offered whole wheat crusts – something one doesn’t exactly find at every corner ‘za joint. Looking into it further, I was amazed at the variety of dough options (oat bran! multi-grain! boardwalk-style ultra thin!) and toppings (artichoke hearts! eggplant! turkey pepperoni!). For those of us who love pizza, but don’t love the guilt that comes with eating and serving our loved ones the greasy, sodium-laden stuff that most pizza has become, Mom’s is a desperately welcome option for healthier indulgence.

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