The Straight Dope on Teresa’s & the Bar Next Door

There have been a lot of rumors about the new bar next to Teresa’s — are they blowing out the wall, is it a “beer bar”, or what? Well, Mike from Teresa’s was kind enough to write in and set the record straight:

“Just a clarification on the concept at the old F&H paint store next to Teresa’s. First of all, the concept is NOT MONKS LIKE it will be an extension of Teresa’s. But Teresa’s current location will remain “BYOB” I an not changing this!

The new location will have a bar — my focus will be on wine and beer with a different style of food, but the actual concept is not finished yet so please stay tuned!”

Thanks Mike for clearing that up — we’ll certainly look forward to whatever it is. If you ask me, I love the idea of focusing on interesting beers and wines as a way to seperate you from the all-of-a-sudden crowded Wayne scene. As for food, keep it light — we don’t want to fill up too much before moving next door!

2 thoughts on “The Straight Dope on Teresa’s & the Bar Next Door”

  1. Just to answer the comment about a smoke free environment. Teresa’s has and always will be smoke free Restaurant both in the cafe and the new Next Door Bar. We are now open please stop by and visit. We have over 150 wines, 225 beers and a full line of liquors we even have a vodka freezer!

    Our food menu is different than the cafe. The cafe even has its own Italian Wine list. We still allow you to bring your own wine to the cafe but now we have options for you of some very select wines.

    Please note as per Pennsylvania law wine brought to our establishment MUST be purchased in Pennsylvania (thank you Pa. Government!) or we risk losing our liquor license. And I can no longer allow and other alcohol including beer to be brought in for BYOB.

    Thank you.

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