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Review: Clock Tower Natural Foods, Paoli

Monday, November 30th, 2009
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Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Well, the long-rumored Mexican replacement for Wayne’s The Freehouse has a name: Matador, and it’s actually a Spanish-Mexican hybrid.

The owners are the team behind Crazy Cactus/La Taverna in Phoenixville. They plan to do a “Spanish-Mexican” menu, specialize in wines from Spain and Chile and feature 40 to 50 kinds of Tequila.

Commenter thedogatemyhomework adds: “The focus sounds more Spanish than Mexican. The chef describes the Spanish cuisine as having a French-Italian influence, with a kind of Mediterranean touch. (editor note: huh?) Owners say they’re aiming for upscale casual but family-friendly and a special occasion restaurant, at the same time. (editor note: huh?) Covering every possible base with the type of food and atmosphere, I guess.”

There have been many production delays, so don’t expect to see Matador’s doors open before October 2010.

UPDATE (11/02/10): Matador has a website:

Coal Fired Pizza in Wayne; ACME to go

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Big changes are coming to the Wayne shopping center that currently houses ACME (a.k.a Wayne Square). The space that once held Eckerd/Rite Aid will be split into two retail spaces, one of which will become Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, a Florida chain restaurant that is partially owned by Dan Marino. This appears to be their first location in the Northeast, though the website lists Delaware as another potential suitor. Though Wayne hardly needs yet another pizza joint, this appears to be a sit-down establishment that will have a bar (assuming their liquor license hearing goes well). Think Bertucci’s, before they started focusing on pasta and other dishes.

ACME will also be vacating this shopping center, when their lease expires in March 2011. Current plans are to remodel the entire space to house 9 smaller retail locations. No word yet on whether any of them will be restaurants.

Update: reports that Anthony’s is targeting September for an opening date.

Carangi Baking Company Mainline, Paoli

Monday, November 9th, 2009
whole wheat baguette

Whole Wheat Baguette

South Philly Italian bakery Carangi Baking Company has recently opened at 1556 Lancaster Ave. in Paoli, bringing a wide variety of freshly-made breads, pizzas, stromboli and other Italian specialties to the ‘burbs.


WIN Empire Continues to Expand

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Michael Klein reported earlier today that WIN Signature Restaurants, who just opened Azie on Main upstairs and Parker’s Prime Steakhouse in Newtown Square (to go along with several other restaurants they already own), will also be renting out the lower part of Maia. The concept will be American-style comfort food/bar aimed at a younger crowd: wings, pizzas, burgers, ribs, etc.

It continues to amaze us that while everyone else is scaling back during this economy, WIN keeps expanding. How can they ensure high quality across all the brands? Didn’t a successful local restaurant team already try the multi-tiered restaurant in the Maia space and fail? How will WIN fare with a non-Asian theme?

You’ll have to wait until at least Spring 2010 to find out — though we always like to pad at least one more season on the projected times.